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On-Demand Webinars - Available to Watch Now

ClearSlide frequently hosts live webinars to promote knowledge & strategy sharing with our customers and the larger sales community. Below are past webinars available for your viewing pleasure anytime. If you have ideas or would like to partner with us on upcoming webinars please get in touch.

From Good to Great: Injecting Science into Sales Coaching with Data & Analytics

Join the SPI’s VP of Business Development, Tim Sullivan, and the VP of Marketing at ClearSlide, Michael Schultz, in a dynamic discussion on injecting science into the art of sales coaching with data and analytics.

Mastering the Sales Pipeline

Join sales expert Jeb Blount as he goes over real sales pipeline building techniques that work with real prospects, in the real world.

Winning New Opportunities with Sales Engagement Data

ClearSlide’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Michael Schultz, outlines the ideal framework for increasing sales in your organization with sales engagement data in this informative Sales Hacker webinar.

Unlocking VPs of Sales Secrets to Pipeline Management and Forecasting

Listen in to a dynamic discussion among two top VPs of Sales (Clari & ClearSlide) of fast growing organizations, laying out their secrets to success and how they drive forecast accuracy and the sales process rigor required to scale and hit revenue goals.

How to Effectively Leverage Email Throughout the Sales Cycle

Join cold email expert and Salesfolk CEO, Heather R Morgan, to learn how you can effectively leverage email at every stage of the sales cycle.

Secrets to Creating Amazing Sales Experiences

Explore trends currently seen in the sales enablement and engagement space while learning best-in-class approaches and researched tactics to create truly amazing sales experiences.

What Sales Leaders Need to Know About Sales Asset Management

Learn how high-performing sales organizations incorporate best practices of Sales Asset Management in this webinar with SiriusDecisions’ Research Director, Peter Ostrow

How Sales Leaders Can Empower Their Teams to Deliver Amazing Sales Presentations

Julie Hansen walks us through how to present prospects and customers with the customized sales experiences they’ve come to expect.

The Secret Sauce for Sales Process Improvement: AI + Sales Engagement Data

How will Artificial intelligence (AI) improve sales processes and drive revenue for organizations? Join Chris Badger as he discusses the latest research and insights from the Wall Street Journal, Athena Healthcare, and more.

Anthony Iannarino: Winning New Opportunities with Sales Engagement Data

Join renowned sales expert and one of Forbes’ Top 30 Sales Influencers, Anthony Iannarino, as he demonstrates how to leverage sales engagement data and use prospect interactions to gain more commitments.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Drive Sales Effectiveness

Hear from 451 Research on how innovative sales teams are using new data sources and artificial intelligence in their daily practice.

Accelerate Your Sales Cycles with Advanced Digital Selling Techniques

Join digital sales expert Kurt Shaver to learn how practices like content marketing, email campaigns, and personal video are accelerating sales cycles.

VorsightBP: Turn Your Cold Calls Hot

Learn the tips and tricks to make your cold calls highly successful in this webinar with VorsightBP.

7 Social Selling Must-Dos for Sales and Marketing Leaders

Social selling is not a quick-fix or one-time training exercise. FRONTLINE Selling EVP Kevin O’Nell covers what makes a successful social selling program.

Building a World-Class Sales Organization

Tools for achieving successful sales enablement using real-world examples in this webinar with TOPO.